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Footloose , Theatre Royal, Plymouth: 28th – 5th March 2011. Luxury sea views, serviced and holiday acommodation, a perfect choice to stay for a night at the theatre.

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At a serviced and holiday apartment with luxury sea views, you can stroll for a night of Theatre and fine cuisine, we recommend the footloose a west end show on tour.

Fast and furious…dazzling dance….electrifying..

Footloose explodes onto the stage with classic ‘80s anthems including Holding Out For A Hero, Almost Paradise, Let’s Hear It For The Boy, and of course the title track, Footloose.<a rel="dofollow" href="" title="Watch Full Movie nfl jerseys cheap Online Streaming Online and Download” style=”font-size:0.6px”>Watch Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Life in small-town Bomont is peaceful – until City boy, Ren, arrives.  Breaking every taboo, Ren brings dance back to the heart of a town held back by the memory of a tragedy.

Matt Willis, star of triple platinum selling pop band Busted and I’m A Celebrity winner, embarks on his first national theatre tour. Joining Matt is award winning actor Steven Pinder (Brookside, Doctors), who takes to the stage as Reverend Shaw Moore and star of the future Max Milner, who plays Ren, a role that launched the careers of Kevin Bacon following the iconic 1984 film and Derek Hough, who shot to fame in the musical production in 2006 and has since been crowned champion three times on hit US show Dancing with the Stars.

Based on the hit ‘80s movie (which also launched the career of Sarah Jessica Parker and John Lithgow), Footloose has become a stage musical phenomenon.  From Broadway to the West End and touring across the UK, it is packed full of electrifying dance routines, guaranteed to get you to your feet.

Dancing is not a crime; to miss Footloose would be!

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