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Five Blue Haired Ladies Sitting On A Green Park Bench, Theatre Royal, Plymouth: 16th to 23rd May 2011. Luxury Sea Views have the perfect holiday accommodation in Devon, for a night of theatre in Plymouth.

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Holiday accommodation with luxury sea views in Plymouth, Devon, are close to the Theatre Royal in the city centre. walk from the serviced and holiday apartments for a night of Theatre; A hilarious, moving story of five wonderful women guaranteed to make you laugh… and cry…

Starring Anne Charleston, Lorraine Chase, Shirley Anne Field, Anita Harris and also starring Chris Beeny, Frazer Hines and Tom Owen

Anna, Eva, Rose, Gladys and La La had only two things in common when they met seven months ago: a park bench and a life well lived. Through fond and sometimes painful memories, keen observations and great laughs, these gals are truly on the cusp of sixty something going on eighteen. Each one unknowingly prepares to leave the bench, perhaps for the last time.

A hilarious, moving story of five wonderful women guaranteed to make you laugh… and cry.
‘It’s Sex And The City on Sanatogen. John Penzotti’s script is littered with smart one-liners. Hilarious, yet poignant’ Herald Express
‘Five ladies, five lives and a thousand laughs’ Daily Mail
‘The combination of an excellent script and class performers adds up to a great play which will undoubtedly gather many admirers’ The Stage

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