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Aladdin on Ice, Plymouth Pavilions. Luxury Sea Views serviced and self-catering apartments close to the Show: 15th December – 16th December 2010

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Aladdin on Ice, Plymouth Pavilions. Luxury Sea Views serviced and self-catering apartments close and convenient for the Show.

Luxury sea views have self-catering and serviced apartments in the centre of Plymouth in PL1, very close to nba jerseys sales the Plymouth Pavilions.

Please note that this performance will take place in the Ice Rink and not in our Arena.
One of the oldest classic Arabian stories ever told will be the theme for the Plymouth Pavilions Christmas 2010 Charity Ice Show.  Aladdin on Ice – is to be presented by Plymouth’s very own talented ice skaters, along with guest appearances from Nova Scotia’s Provincial Skating Champions, all the way from Canada!

Show co-ordinator Stephen Vincent and coaching colleagues Shelly Clarke and Debbie Marsh are co-producing a visually tantalising, colourful ice skating extravaganza with fantastic choreography, scenery and stunning costumes!
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