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River Cottage Canteen and Deli will open at Royal William Yard in Plymouth, 15th November 2011 – Staying at Royal William and Brewhouse with Luxury Sea Views, Guests are in for a dinning treat in the serviced apartments and holiday accommodation.

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Dinning out guests staying at plymouth holiday accommodation and Plymouth serviced apartments with luxury sea views. Celebrity restaurant opens on the door step of the Royal William and the Brewhouse. Walking distance from Phoenix Quay. River Cottage Canteen and Deli, Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, opening in the royal william yard

Luxury Sea Views team are delighted with the news of the new restaurant in Royal William Yard. The brand new River Cottage Canteen and Deli will open at Royal William Yard in Plymouth in November. It adds diversity and another quality choice for eating in the award winning yard and is on the door step for guests. It is located at a corner of the Brewhouse building, looking up the Tamar Estuary. Luxury Sea Viewsm,  Brewhouse holiday accommodation is in the same building overlooking the Royal William Marina est and The Royal William serviced apartment is located in the building opposite, also overlooking the Marina in Mills Bakery.

If you wish to stay at one of our ;luxury holiday accommodation or serviced apartments:  Please contact the luxury sea views team on or through the enquiry form on 

Luxury Sea Views look forward to hearing from you and providing luxury self catering holiday accommodation.

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The brand new River Cottage Canteen and Deli will open at Royal William Yard in Plymouth in November, 2011.

You can reserve your table at both of our River Cottage Canteen and Delis, in Axminster and now Plymouth, online.

There’s no need to book during the day – simply drop by. However it is advisable to book if you’re joining us in the evening, and you can do that online

The River Cottage Canteen and Deli, signed a 25-year lease on the Brewhouse building, to open in November.

Now building on its initial success in Axminster, River Cottage will re-create its unique food offering in a stunning waterside ex-Naval heritage building.

Soon the former victualling depot of the Royal Navy, built between 1826 and 1835, will be the latest River Cottage outpost, serving modern-day Plymouth with locally and ethically-sourced supplies.

The Grade I Listed Brewhouse building features a triple-height ceiling, and will have a large outdoor terrace, with views over cornwalll and up the Tamar Estuary. An area of outstanding natural beauty. The Grade I Listed Brewhouse building, part of the historical Royal William Yard scheme is situated right on the facing Mount Edgcumbe.

The River Cottage Canteen and Deli, in Plymouth, will offer a unique combination of fantastic seasonal, local, organic and wild food, both in the relaxed ambiance of the restaurant and to take away from the Deli.

“The best seasonal local produce is always at the heart of the River Cottage approach to cooking. The city and region have a strong fishing and market garden heritage, and we have a great opportunity to source the best ingredients and create some fantastic food in a wonderful location. The whole team is seriously excited,” says Hugh.

River Cottage Canteen & Deli is to join forces with Tamar View Fruiterers, based in Saltash, to create an improved food network which enables small scale producers of fruit and vegetables to supply fresh, seasonal produce to their new Canteen kitchen at Royal William Yard.   River Cottage Canteen & Deli is opening at Plymouth’s Royal William Yard in Mid November 2011. It will be based on the successful River Cottage Canteen & Deli in Axminster, which was originally set up by Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall, campaigner, broadcaster and food writer, who’s River Cottage TV series, on Channel 4, captured the Nation’s interest in food provenance and sustainable living.  The Plymouth River Cottage Canteen & Deli, will offer a unique combination of fantastic seasonal, local, organic and wild food, both in the relaxed ambiance of the restaurant and to take away from the Deli.

Working with River Cottage, Tamar View’s Devon and Cornwall food transport network will enable small scale producers to supply the new Canteen in an efficient and sustainable way. All they have to do is call Tamar View Fruiterers, who will send one of their passing vans to collect the produce locally and take it to the Plymouth Canteen kitchens, ensuring freshness.

For River Cottage, the local food network idea made perfect sense in terms of access to seasonal food and also transport sustainability: “The Canteen & Deli menu will change daily, responding to what’s available locally. Also for us produce doesn’t have to Grade 1 perfect. Carrots can have bumps, but still taste delicious – which is great news for smaller producers task planner. We want to reduce food cheap jerseys waste as much as possible,” says Joe Draper, Head Chef at the Plymouth Canteen.

“Tamar View can collect from lots of small producers, thereby reducing the number of vans on the road to Plymouth, this helps sustainability and is something we want to support. “

 The small scale supplier local food network was a natural development for Tamar View Fruiterers. “Really this is an extension of the service we already provide,” says Tamar View Fruiterer MD, David Barrett.  “We are passionate about local produce and have 19 vans that travel up and down the country daily from Penzance to Cullompton collecting produce. For River Cottage, it will be very easy for people to call and tell us they have some great fruit or vegetable just ready for eating. We can collect it, bring it to depot, then take it over the Tamar on our daily delivery into River Cottage Canteen kitchens.”

“What I like is that if you are a small scale producer, you might not think of supplying River Cottage because you are too small, or it’s too far to travel fuel-wise. But this new network builds on an infrastructure that’s already there.”

Interest is building: Lyd Valley Vegetables at Lifton and Keveral Farm, near Looe, are just two of the suppliers who already gearing up to be part of the new network. Other small producers who are interested in being part of the network can call Tamar View on <span ray ban outlet class=”skype_c2c_highlighting_inactive_common” dir=”ltr”>01752 848738.  “We are pleased with this innovation in Plymouth. River Cottage wants to get involved with the local food community and make a positive difference” said River Cottage MD, Rob Love. “This is a great example of locally sourced food, provided in as sustainable way as possible.”

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