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Luxury Sea Views have availability in self-catering holiday apartments and serviced accommodation over the New Years Eve Week: 30th December 2010

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luxury sea views December Update: Serviced apartments, self-catering and holiday accommodation in Plymouth available on the peak week of the New Year

Luxury Sea Views are delighted to announce holiday accommodation availability in <a href="http://www.luxuryseaviews read″ target=”_blank”>self-catering and serviced apartments for the New Year Peak week in Plymouth from the 30th December 2010.

The Royal William luxury serviced and self-catering apartment has availability from the 30th December over the new year period. Please check the booking form and calendar on the luxury sea views website. For prices please contact us at Luxury Sea Views.

If you are interested booking is recommended ASAP to secure the week. The Christmas and New year weeks are amongst Luxury Sea Views popular period and rarely available.

For booking of the Royal William self-catering and serviced apartment in Plymouth, see theLuxury Sea Views website.

Have a fantastic christmas and Happy New Year from all at Luxury Sea Views.

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