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Filming of ‘The Comic Strip Presents…The Hunt For Tony Blair’ in front of the Royal William holiday accommodation and serviced apartment, Royal William Yard, Plymouth: 25th June to 2nd July 2011

If you staying at the Royal william holiday accommodation and self catering apartment you are in for a suprise this weekend and next week as there is filming of “The comic strip presents….the hunt for tony blair, in the royal william Yard.

Great WEstern features are filming a comedy drama called ‘the comic strip presents..the hunt for tony blair’
“A black and wite 50s style ‘fugitive’ film. Blair wanted for murder, goes on the run in this steamy action packed comedy

The comic strip was first introduced thirty years ago and has featured some of the best British comedy talent. This drama is no different. The cast includes:
Jennifer Saunders
Rik Mayall
Robbie Coltrane
Harry Enfield
Stephen Mangan
Nigel Planner
The filming consists of 4 days
Saturday 25th June 2011 – 1800 – 0500
Filming night exteriors on this day. Scheduled filming to be down near Clarence and Brewhouse to be done first on this day to avoid disruption to residents. The main shots at that end of the site aer looking down the main road towards Gatehouse. This will invoice some classic cars and a classic limousine. Filming then moves up to the Gatehouse and away from residential areas.
Thursday 30th June 2011 – 1400 – 0100
Filming will be taking place outside the Gatehouse and inside and outside The Melville building, this will include a set of Downing Streets Front Door.
Friday 1st July cheap football jerseys 2011 – 1100 – 2200
All filming will be outside The Melville Building
Saturday 2nd July 2011 – 0800 – 1900
All filming will be outside The Melville Building
You are allowed to watch any filming, there will be areas that won’t be in shot, there will not be restricting any access.
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