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The Barbican

The Barbican

Plymouth Barbican is the most historical area and tourist centre on the sea front and in Plymouth city centre. A traditional small picturesque harbour, with narrow Elizabethan cobbled streets and Tudor buildings, the oldest part of Plymouth. Including examples of Elizabethan houses and gardens, and the famous historical mayflower steps where the Pilgrim Fathers sailed for the America’s. It is now a thriving hub for recreation, shops, bars, craft workshops, art galleries and restaurants with al fresco heated dinning on the cobbled streets overlooking the old harbour.
Great local website with a tour around the Barbican.

Plymouth Barbican
Local Information on the Barbican, history and the mayflower steps.

Mayflower Steps
Information on the Pilgrim forefathers, the mayflower steps on the barbican and the Mayflower that sailed to the new world (USA). 

Annual Thanksgiving Festival
Information on the City of Plymouth’s annual Thanksgiving Festival, celebrating its unique Mayflower and transatlantic heritage. The Lord Mayor and the People of Plymouth, England, have pleasure in inviting all Americans to join the Mother City of Plymouth’s Annual Thanksgiving Festival. 

Barbican Gallery
Local artists include Beryl Cook, Lee Woods, Sue Willis, Brian Pollard and the late Robert Lenckiewiecz. 

Plymouth Gin
Plymouth Gin distillery, an historic distillery for Gin, open to the public.