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Peter Andre – Revelation Tour, Plymouth Pavilions.Stay at Luxury sea views plymouth self-catering for the Gig: Fri 26 November 2010

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Peter Andre – Revelation Tour, Plymouth Pavilions. <a der target=”_blank”>Luxury sea views have the perfect short stay Self-Catering accommodation for the concert.

Luxury sea views holiday apartments: The Esplanade and the Royal William are both the perfect getaways for a short break and are both very close to plymouth pavillions. Perfect for the luxury concert break in Plymouth. Luxury sea views have considerable offers and discounts in November.Following phenomenal public demand, Peter Andre has announced 3 additional dates on his forthcoming tour, with Plymouth Pavilions being one of the venues! Earlier this year, Peter sold out his 38 date UK tour as fans across the country flocked to his live shows.

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Following the success of his albums ‘Revelation’ and ‘Unconditional Love Songs’ last year, Peter will be showcasing new material on this tour, as well as performing all of his classic tracks! It’s hoped that this date will give fans the chance to see Peter at more intimate venues before he heads out to play his first major Arena dates in 10 years!
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