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Mark watson, Plymouth Pavilions, Plymouth: 8th February 2011. a comedy night near the Esplanade plymouth holiday apartment with luxury sea views.

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Stay with luxury sea views in a Plymouth holiday apartment and enjoy Comedian Mark Watson as he brings his whirlwind of comedy to Plymouth…

Comedian, author and sports pundit Mark Watson debuts at the Pavilions in February 2011!

In 2009 he completed a 37-date tour of Britain and a three month Australasian tour which included sell-out runs at the Melbourne and New Zealand festivals. In Melbourne, he performed for the first time his version of Al Gore’s  ‘Inconvenient Truth’ lecture, to an audience of 1,500 people.

The second series of ‘Mark Watson Makes The World Substantially Better for Radio 4’ show went out in summer 2009, as well as Spike’s Lookalikes, a four part sitcom which Mark wrote, starring Ardal O’Hanlon and Doon Mackinchan. He returned to Edinburgh with his sell out fourth solo show ‘All Cheap Jordan Shoes the Thoughts I’ve Had Since I Was Born’, recorded the pilot of We Need answers and launched his first non-fiction book ‘Crap At The Environment’ by sheepishly reading some bits of it in some shop or other.

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