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Jools Holland 2010, Plymouth Pavilions. A great gig on the doorstep of Luxury Sea Views serviced apartments: 10th December 2010

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Jools Holland 2010, Plymouth Pavilions. Perfect holiday accommodation for a short stay for the concert are the Luxury sea views self-catering holiday accommodation and serviced apartments.

The Luxury sea views serviced apartments are fantastic location for a short stay to see the concert. Both the Esplanade and the Royal William are walking distance to the Plymouth pavilions.

The Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra experience has become synonymous with the ultimate party atmosphere and past years has seen Jools Holland perform to a staggering four million people, with the show becoming an annual must see event for fans across the country.

Whether celebrating Christmas, New Year or literally any day of the week, Jools Holland and his Rhythm & Blues Orchestra out on a show that you’ll want to experience again and again.Watch 1916: The Irish Rebellion (2016) Full Movie Online Streaming Online and Download

Jools will be joined on stage by special guest vocalist Alison Moyet.  Ruby Turner and Louise Marshall will also be featuring as guest vocalists.
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