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Do you allow children to stay?

Yes. Children must be the age of 5 years or over. Unless approved by Luxury Sea Views prior.

Do you have a travel cot for us to use?

Yes, free of charge. We have a Mothercare travel cot available for our guests to use. Please bring your own bedding / linen for your baby.

Do you have a High Chair for us to use?

Yes, free of charge. We have a High Chair available for our guests to use. We do not supply baby utensiles.

Do you accept short breaks?

Yes. The majority of properties are available for short breaks and long weekends of a minimum of 3 nights outside our peak season. The peak season is from July, August and the beginning of September. During the peak season a minimum of 7 nights.

Can I bring my dog or pets?

No pets are allowed in our properties. However, guide dogs are allowed with prior approval from Luxury Sea Views.

Is there parking at the Royal William?

Parking at the Royal William is £2.50 per day. The main cobbled street is no parking. The parking area is in the main visitors car park which is sign posted or up the side streets.  If in any doubt please ask our property manager.

The parking in the Royal William is normally pay and display and the main cobbled street (double yellow lines) through the archway on the right is no parking. Luxury Sea Views will require to add your car details to our account at the Royal William yard. So you do not have to pay any parking on arrival. The system takes a photo of your registration plate as you enter and leave the yard.Your vehicle licence number, model of vehicle and colour will be added to our account allowing you to park your vehicle in parking bays behind the Melville building.
For any other vehicles in the Royal William Yard are subject to pay and display charges.The parking is located in the parking area in the main visitors car park, which is signposted or up the left side cobbled streets on the complex, or large bay parking behind the Melville Building.If in any doubt please ask our property manager.

Please note that parking at the Royal William Yard, the main cobbled street from the gate is ‘no parking’, parking is on the side streets, behind the Melville building, in the parking bays or in the Visitor’s car park.

Is there anywhere for us to arrive on boat or bring our boat?

Yes. There are marina berths at the Royal William available for your stay, for boats in the marina outside the front of the Royal William apartment. For further information and prices please let us know.

Is there parking at the Esplanade?

There are Day Parking permits available for the Esplanade at a small cost per day (£2.50) per vehicle. Parking permits are on-street parking, and the permits are purchased on your behalf by luxury sea views. These need to be booked prior with luxury sea views. You will either receive your all day parking permits in the post or the property manager will have them for you on arrival.

Please note the closest place to park is on Osborne place, at the end of the Esplanade terrace where the pay and display on street parking is. The parking permits allow you to park where the signs are for visitors parking permits zone H. Please read the back of the parking permits for full details.
Do not park directly in front of the flat this is not the correct area for the day parking permits. Due to being in PL1 the traffic wardens are very regular
However you can off load there.

There is free parking from 18:00 in the evening until 10:00 at the parking meters.

Do the apartments have Internet? 

Yes, our apartments have Wifi internet for free use of the guests. On request our property manager has the Wifi internet access code if you require.

Is there laundry facilities 

Yes all the apartments have free laundry facilities. ie Washing / dryer machines in the apartments.

How often are the apartments cleaned and bedding / towel changes?

Properties are cleaned on a weekly basis, including towel and bedding changes.

How many bedrooms and type of beds does the Royal William have?

 The Royal William has two rooms, one with a double bed, the other with two single beds.

How many bedrooms and type of beds does the Esplanade have?

 The Esplanade has one bedroom, one king size bed.

How many bedrooms and type of beds does Phoenix Quay have?

 Phoenix Quay has two rooms, two double beds.

Do luxury sea views own their own properties? 

Yes. 50% of the properties shown on the website Luxury Sea Views own. Other properties are managed by Luxury Sea Views.

The properties look very impressive and period, are they listed?

Yes. Our properties are listed buildings and located in conservation areas. The properties have a high specification and also retain many original features. Contemporary and period living with style and elegance.

Are the photographs of the actual properties?

Yes. The photographs on the website are of the actual properties, taken by luxury sea views. We do not use developers or library images of similar properties.

Do you provide travel insurance?

No. Please obtain and check your travel insurance prior to your booking and arrival.

Are the properties suitable for someone with a disability? 

The Esplanade has stairs, the Royal William has a lift. The properties would need to be reviewed by the guests at the time of enquiry with regards to the suitability of the properties, depending on the disability and accompanying guests.

It is clear that all utililty bills are included in the quoted rate but does it also include VAT as well? 

Yes the rate includes all bills and VAT. it does not include, parking £costs per day, the damage deposit £175 or 4 % pay pal charge.

Is there a phone in the apartment and what are the charges for using it? 

No there is not a phone in the apartments. There is free Wifi, so you can always use Skype or similar over the internet talk services. If travelling from overseas, depending on how long you are in the UK it may be worth getting a Vodafone mobile sim card, pay as you go, they are cheap. There is a vodafone shop in the city centre.

Does the apartment come with some basic supplies like tea, coffee, washing up liquid, etc? 

Generally no. However there will be washing up liquid, cleaning sponges, dish brushes, hand wash, towels, tea towels. The will be a few dishwasher tablets. But we dont as a service provide washing liquid or fabric softener for the washing machine. There is a corner shop / convenience store within walking distance of apartments, to get basic supplies.

Left luggage,Is there some place on site where we can safely store luggage for the afternoon? If that is not possible, can you recommend some other options that we may not be aware of ? 

Depending on your plans for the afternoon and weather conditions. We confirm there are no left storage facilities at the train station, however, there used to be left storage facilities at Bretonside bus station in the city centre. You would need to check this, but that could be a good option. The bus station is close to the Barbican area and the hoe, which would be a good place to walk, explorer,eat and drink.

There are no facilities on site at any of the apartments. However the Seco lounge is a nice place for a few hours for coffee and tapas in the Royal William Yard, if the weather is nice you can sit outside or inside with you cases.

We apologise we can’t help more fully with the left luggage.

We realise we are to pay with Visa/PayPal. How is the £175 GBP damage deposit returned? 

The damage deposit will be returned by Pay Pal. An email will be sent to you confirming that a pay pal payment request has been sent. In your email inbox will be an email from pay pal, you will have to acknowledge, confirm via the instructions from pay pal that you accept payment. If for any reason you can not locate the pay pal email please check your spam or junk email directories.

The terms and conditions require that we provide photo ID at the time of booking. We will not have the photo ID to send untill later. Once we make the final decision to book this apartment, may we confirm this by email and then complete the online booking process once we have the ID to send? 

The photo ID can be emailed later. We require the online booking form so we can reserve the dates and block out the period on our online booking calendar. The ID as long as we get it before your arrival, can be driving licence, passport or other ID such as a work ID. Its mainly for key hand over of the property, any issues that could arise during the booking and we need an ID as our property manager often meets guests late at night, on their own.

Luxury sea views entry check in times are 15:00 and check out times by 10:00, can we get an earlier check in time?

Luxury Sea Views entry times are 15:00 and leaving by 10:00.

As part of LSV service, our property manager will always try and accommodate guests needs. As a good will gesture, if the apartment is available before the booking and in some instances can allow an earlier entry.

An early entry can be confirmed when the meet and greet arrangements are confirmed, prior to the booking several days before.

However, as you can appreciate, if we have vacating guests in the morning, an earlier entry can not be confirmed.

Time is required for reviewing the property, full clean, preparation and remedy any issues or maintenance that may have arisen.

Even with a vacating guest prior to a booking, we will always try our best endeavours to have the apartment ready in a timely efficient manner. And again in some instances a slight earlier entry is available, which can be worked out on the day with the property manager. Luggage can also be left at the apartment, if required after a vacating guest.

As such we can not commit or confirm to an early entry until closer to the booking date. We have to have the property available for bookings 24 hours before.

What is the latest check in time?

Under certain cirumstances, with prior approval and prior arrangement, Guests may arrange with the property manager a later meet and greet with key hand over The lastest time is for arrival between 21:00 to 21:30.

The is a fee for late meet and greets / check in Time after 19:00 please see the terms and conditions page.

We are arriving late can you mail the keys?

Under no circumstances can the keys to the properties be mailed to guests prior to arrival.