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Weekend of Wonders with The Invisible Circus at the Royal William Yard, Plymouth. 6th September 2015.

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Open Air Theater at the Royal William Yard: “Weekend of Wonders” with THE INVISIBLE CIRCUS.

For our Luxury Sea View Guests staying at our serviced apartments, at the Royal William Yard , are in for a treat on Sunday 6th September. The Invisible Circus are putting on performances with for a Weekend of Wonders.

There will be a spectacular Good Food market weekend as Bristol’s masters of site specific Circus Theatre bring their magic to Royal William Yard, animating the site with street performances from some of the country’s finest artists, expect the unexpected and prepare to be amazed!

10am to 4pm
Free Admission

Street Performances
Walkabout and workshops
Hula Hoopers
Wire walkers and more
Alongside Artisan food and drink stalls.
Weekend of Wonders RWY 1 Weekend of Wonders RWY 3





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