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walk from sea view holiday apartments, Plymouth to the barbican and national Marine Aquarium. A luxury sea views recommended family day out.

Turtle Trek

Snorkel, our loggerhead turtle has laid an egg trail throughout the Aquarium, see if you can find her eggs then solve the clue she’s set and you’ll be rewarded with a free egg – of the chocolate variety!

On a serious note we’re focusing on turtles this Easter to highlight the desperate plight of these fantastic animals. Six out of seven of the world’s marine turtle species are at risk of extinction with millions being killed each year by fisherman as a bycatch.

We’re working with the Marine Conservation Society to tag turtles in the southern Atlantic Ocean to enable their movements to be recorded thus preventing them from entering waters know to be hunting grounds for fisherman. You’ll be able nfl jerseys cheap to track our sponsored turtle via satellite link – and we’ll be running a competition to give him a name.

In the Discovery Zone you’ll be able to make you own hatching turtle to take home plus they’ll be lots of activities to keep children amused.

Turtle Trek runs from the 9th to 25th April.

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