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The Wheel of Plymouth next to the Esplanade self catering holiday accommodation in Plymouth: Until the end of September 2011

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Wheel cheap jerseys wholesale of Plymouth has been constructed Next door to the Esplanade luxury cheap Air Jordans serviced and holiday accommodation….A luxury sea views recommendation for a change of view towards the city and sea.

The wheel of Plymouth is a new and exciting iconic structure of plymouth city’s skyline.
“Luxury Sea Views team have been on the wheel twice, it takes around 15 mins to go around, and you can choose whether to have the commentary on or not, you get good views in all directions. It is on plymout hoe right next door to the Esplanade holiday apartment. You do not need to book as you can pay at the kiosk just before you go on, and then you can pick the best day”

Located on Plymouth hoe, it is an awe-inspiring moving platform offering 360 degree views as far as the eye can see!
The capsules are fully enlosed, climate controlled, and interactive commentary is available to further in enhance  the experience.
If its a special occasion why not enjoy the VIP capsule with hospitality options.
The Wheel of Plymouth is open daily from 10am until late, until the end of September 2011.
Tickets can be booked in advance on the website:
Or can be purchased the day of your visit.
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