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The British Fireworks Championships 2014, Hoe, Plymouth – Another great year and event

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The British Fireworks Championships 2014, Hoe, Plymouth – Another great year and event

The British Fireworks Championships is a regular annual event that takes place on Plymouth Hoe. This year in 2014 in its 18th year.

People travel from all over to over to see the event from near and far. Spectators line Plymouth Hoe and the waterfront to view the spectacle.

If you are planning to visit Plymouth in August it is a fantastic opportunity to schedule the visit to the waterfront city with the event.

It is our most popular week for accommodation with Luxury Sea Views and is the first period to get booked up.

As such we recommend booking early for August 2015. All ray ban sale our apartments are walking distance. You can view our serviced apartments and self catering accommodation in Plymouth on the luxury sea views website showing availabilities and prices. You can also contact us on

The fireworks normally start as dusk arrives around 21:30 pm.

There is entertainment on the hoe from 18:30 including in 2014 a fun fair, stage with local bands and singers, food stalls.

The championships showcase six of the UK’s best pyrotechnics companies,  an explosive showdown.

More than four tonnes of fireworks are set off over Plymouth Sound, lighting up the skies as the companies battle it out for the coveted national title.

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See the below articles:

Blitz Fireworks have been crowned the ‘British Fireworks Champion 2014’ at this year’s British Firework Championships following a spectacular two-day showdown between six of the UK’s top pyrotechnics specialists on Plymouth Hoe.

Tens of thousands of spectators gathered on and around the Hoe on Tuesday 12 and Wednesday 13 August to see over four tonnes of cheap ray bans fireworks set off into the night sky in six spectacular displays.

There were three displays each night with a winner announced from each set, followed by an overall winner of the whole competition. There was also a special Championship Award which will be awarded for innovation, sportsmanship or any other factor that the judges deem to have added value to the event.



– Shellscape
– Blitz Fireworks
– Northern Lights Fireworks

Winner: Blitz Fireworks


– Reaction Fireworks
– MLE Pyrotechnics
– PYRO 1

Winner: Reaction Fireworks

Championship Award: Reaction Fireworks for their 3D flower effect.

British Firework Champion Fake Oakleys 2014: Blitz Fireworks



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