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Shakespeare 4 Kidz – A Midsummer Nights Dream, Plymouth Pavilions, Plymouth: 15th February 2011. A family attraction next to luxury sea views, plymouth holiday accommodation and plymouth serviced apartments.

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A luxury sea views plymouth holiday accommodation and serviced apartments recommendation, check out with the family, Shakespeare 4 Kidz bringing ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ to life…

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Fairies and fun, royalty and romance, magic and misunderstandings: A Midsummer Night’s Dream has them all. The Bard’s comedy gets a musical transformation from Shakespeare 4 Kidz, whose dazzling version has proved a huge hit every time it has toured.

Who can resist the story of a Duke marrying his Amazonian queen, two sets of lovers who elope into the woods where the audience finds Bottom and his funny friends rehearsing a play, feuding fairies and a naughty sprite called Puck, whose mismanaged magic causes no end of merriment. It’s enchanting entertainment for people of all ages because the most famous lines are woven into easy-to-understand modern language. Simply a dream come true.

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