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Plymouth Winter Festival Ice Rink, The Piazza, Armada Way, Plymouth. Stay at Plymouth Self-Catering apartments with luxury sea views throughout the winter: Thursday 18th November to Sunday 2nd January 2010

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STay at Plymouth SElf-Catering luxury apartments and visit: Plymouth Winter Festival Ice Rink.

Plymouth Self-catering holiday apartments with luxury sea views are a perfect get away this winter. Plymouth Self-Catering and Plymouth holiday apartments /  accommodation have discounts throughout November and the winter. The outdoor ice rink is walking distance from the central apartments in Plymouth.

Both Plymouth self-catering apartments, the Esplanade and the Royal William are located in PL1. The Esplanade in particular is ideal for walking to the Theatre, Shops, city centre or winter attractions such as the ice rink.

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Get into the Christmas spirit this year with Plymouth winter festival ice rink. This outdoor ice rink will be open from 18 El November, so get your skates on and have a go! Join us at 6.30pm on 18 November for the grand opening of the ice rink, with a performance from Plymouth’s Figure Skating Team.

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For opening times and information on how to buy your tickets please visit:

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