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Plymouth Winter Festival Ice Rink, The Piazza, Armada Way: Now extended to Sunday 9th January 2011. Walking distance from luxury sea views holiday and self-catering accommodation.

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Plymouth Winter Festival Ice Rink, The Piazza, Armada Way: Now extended Cheap Jordan Shoes to Sunday 9th January 2011. at the end of road from the Esplanade, a luxury sea views self-catering holiday apartment.

Get into the Christmas spirit this year with Plymouth winter festival ice rink; get your skates on and have a go!Movie Rings (2017)

Get into the Christmas spirit this year with Plymouth winter festival ice rink. This outdoor ice rink will be open from 18 November, so get your skates on and have a go! Join us at 6.30pm on 18 November for the grand opening of the ice rink, with a performance from Plymouth’s Figure Skating Team.

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For opening times and information on how to buy your tickets please visit:

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