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Plymouth Half Marathon: 29th May. The Marathon is on Plymouth Hoe, stay at Plymouth self catering accommodation at the Esplanade on the Plymouth Hoe overlooking the start and finish, or at the Royal William or Calstock self catering river view cottage.

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Overlook the start / finish at plymouth self catering holiday accommodation and serviced apartments, or at Calstock self catering river view cottage, or a touch of luxury at the Royal William Yard.  The Plymouth half marathon starts and finishes on Plymouth hoe.

Plymouth Half Marathon

The Plymouth Half Marathon is a great day out. Starts and finishes on the Hoe right in front of and below the Esplanade, a luxury sea views self catering apartment in plymouth. In the victorian terrace the Esplanade. The Royal William is very close being in the Royal William Yard. And the Calstock river view cottage which is also popular with runners in the Plymouth half marathon, offers calstock self catering accommodation in a cornish tamar valley village.

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Sea the view from inside…..

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