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Plymouth Galleries and Exhibitions. Free Admission: Throughout November and December 2010

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Plymouth Galleries and Exhibitions. Free Admission: Throughout November and December 2010

Plymouth City Museum and Art Gallery, Drake Circus. Free fake oakleys Admission throughout the months of November and December.

See below articles for details and opening times:

Permanent Galleries

  • Bringing the World to Plymouth – world cultures
  • Ancient Egypt – life and death
  • Uncovered – archaeology
  • Plymouth: Port and Place – maritime and local history
  • Explore Nature – natural history
  • Atrium Gallery – studio pottery, ceramics and silver
  • Artists of St Ives and the South West – abstract art from the fine art collections
  • Beryl Cook Tribute Wall – a small display of three key works
  • The China Connection – the story of porcelain from the East to the West
  • Cottonian Collection – designated art collection of international importance


  • Century (23 October to 29 January)
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