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Open Air Cinema at Royal William Yard. 11 Sep 2014 – 13 Sep 2014. On the Grass across from our Royal William Yard Serviced Apartments.

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Open Air Cinema at the Royal William Yard

This year see’s the return of the open air cinema at the Royal William Yard in 2014. It will be on the main grass area in front of Residence 1 and 2.

There will be three nights of film. Organised by Plymouth Arts Centre. Tickets need to be booked in advance and the second night is already sold out.

The films are on the doorstep of our Royal William, The Brewhouse and Royal William Marina serviced apartments. So is a great opportunity for guests.

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Open Air Cinema Royal William Yard

Please see the Art Centre website for details.

11 Sep 2014 – 13 Sep 2014
Friday: 8.00pm
Saturday: 8.00pm
Thursday: 8.00pm

To book by phone call Plymouth Arts Centre on 01752 206114

Open Air Cinema at the Royal William Yard

Thursday 11 September Roman Holiday
Friday 12 September Sing-a-long-a-Grease *ALL TICKETS ARE SOLD OUT*
Saturday 13 September Dawn of the Planet of the Apes

Standard tickets £4 (£3 concessions)
VIP Ticket Package £12

Enjoy the authentic ‘Plymouth Arts Centre Experience’ at Royal William Yard, complete with bar, snacks and popcorn

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