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National Engineering and Science Week, Various Locations in Plymouth: 11th to 20th March 2011. Educational and fun, from the luxury sea views city centre holiday accommodation and apartments visit all the locations.

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The Self Catering and Serviced Apartments with Luxury Sea Views have easy access to all the locations for the Science week.

Various locations including the University of Plymouth, National Marine Aquarium & Eggbuckland Community College – see website for full details

Coastal Research – ‘Secrets of the Surf’

Our Changing Planet

Protestor, purchaser or partner: how can research methods inform student voice Y-Not initiatives

Sport Matters: Britain & the modern Olympics

Ballots, bias & boundaries: Explanations for electoral advantage in the UK voting system

Your illness or my illness? Patient involvement in health care decisions.

Change: for better or worse?

Innovation in Molecular Genomics: Understanding and Predicting Human Health

Climate Wars: A geologists perspective on global warming

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