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Love, Love, Love – On Tour 2011, Theatre Royal, Plymouth: 8th – 11th June 2011. Recommended for Guests with Luxury Sea Views staying at one of the Plymouth self catering and holiday accommodation, a short walk to the Theatre.

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The Esplanade luxury holiday accommodation and the Royal william self catering apartment are central in plymouth both within walking or a short taxi ride to the Theatre Royal. Guests should check out “Love, Love, Love takes on the baby Cheap Jerseys From China boomer generation as it retires, and finds it full of trouble”.

Love, Love, Love – On Tour 2011
A Drum Theatre Plymouth & Paines Plough Production

1967. Kenneth and Sandra know the world is changing. And they want some of it.

Love, Love, Love takes on the baby boomer generation as it retires, and finds it full of trouble. Smoking, drinking, affectionate and paranoid, one couple’s forty-year journey from initial burst to full bloom.
Paines Plough and the Drum Theatre Plymouth present the world première of Olivier Award winner Mike Bartlett’s new play.
‘Mike Bartlett’s bang-on-the-money new play… required viewing’ ***** The Telegraph
‘Peppered with terrific lines and big laughs…Bartlett does the clash of generational world views with a devastating precision’ **** The Guardian
‘Under Hartley T A Kemp’s vivarium-like lighting no nuance of the five actors’ brilliantly hyper-real performances is lost… Dazzling.’ The Observer

Please note Love, Love, Love is now on a national tour and will be presented at venues around the country.

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