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Jubilee week, £545, 2nd to 9th June – 1 week left at the Royal William Marina one bed apartment, Plymouth, with Luxury Sa views.

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Jubilee week, £545 per week, saturday 2nd to 9th June, late deal and price reduction for double bank holiday week. The Royal william marina one bed apartment at £545 per week. All other luxury sea views serviced apartments and holiday accommodation is booked.

Luxury sea views,  last remaining week for the double bank holiday jubilee week in sea view Waterfront, serviced holiday apartments and self catering accommodation……

Luxury Sea Views are delighted to anounce price reductions for last remaining vacant week during the double bank holiday week for the Jubilee, saturday 2nd June to saturday 9th June, at the royal william marina one bed apartment at £545 for the week / 7 day break. For furuther details. Regards Luxury Sea Views Team

The royal william marina one bed apartment price reduction for double bank holiday week: saturday 2nd june to saturday 9th june.

Reduced from the normal peak season rate.

*****Special Offers******************Price Reductions******************************
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