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Homecoming parade – 3 commando Brigade. Friday 11th November 2011. Guests stay with luxury sea views at holiday accommodation and serviced apartments are in for a fantastic event but be aware of road closures.

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Staying in plymouth holiday accommodation and Plymouth serviced apartments with luxury sea views. see the fantastic spectacle and event: homecoming parade – 3 commando Brigade. Friday 11th November 2011. But Guests please take note of the relevant road closures 9.30am to 1pm. 

Luxury Sea Views are delighted to highlight to Guests staying in one of our luxury plymouth holiday accommodation in the city centre, the event: the homecoming parade for 3 commando Brigade on the iith November 2011. Guests will be treated to a spectacular event. For access to SaaS our serviced apartments and holiday accommodation please take note of the Road closures between 9.30am and 1pm Friday, in particular for guests vacating the accommodation in the morning.


If you wish to stay at one of our holiday or serviced accommdation for the event. Please contact the luxury sea views team on or through the enquiry form on


Luxury Sea Views look forward to hearing from you and providing luxury self catering holiday accommodation.


Sea the view from inside…

Homecoming Parade – 3 commando Brigade friday 11th November 2011

Plymouth City is hosting a homecoming parade on Friday 11th November to mark the return of the Plymouth element of 3 Commando Brigade from Operation Herrick 14 in Afghanistan.

There a number of temporary road closures and parking restrictions that will be put into effect for this event due to military personnel marching and parading on the highway. The roads will be manned by the police and a traffic management company and will re-open at the earliest opportunity, as soon as the troops march through.

Road Closures 9.30am to 1pm Friday 11th November 2011

The Hoe Promenade                                          Royal Parade
Hoe Road*                                                        Derry’s Roundabout
Hoe Approach*                                                  Union Street
Notte Street                                                      The Crescent
Kinterbury Street*                                              Athaneum Street*
Buckwell Street*                                               Elliott Street*
St. Andrew’s Roundabout

Please not that Parking Restrictions – “No waiting” cones – will be in position by 6am on 11th fake oakleys November until after the event and cheap football jerseys any cars parked on those roads marked with an (*) abover will be liable to receive a fixed parking penalty.

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