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HMS Bounty visits Plymouth and Pirates Weekend: 21st to 22nd May. Stay with Luxury Sea Views in plymouth holiday accommodation and walk to the Barbican for a family day on the bounty and a pirates weekend.

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At self catering holiday accommodation in plymouth with luxury sea views, Fake Ray Bans head down to the barbican, A great family day out with the HMS Bounty visit and pirate weekend. HMS Bounty begins her European Tour in Plymouth, mooring at the Barbican for all to enjoy and offering quayside tours. Join in with the free Pirate family fun!

HMS Bounty & Pirates Weekend

Fantastic tall ship HMS Bounty is coming to the Barbican and to celebrate we are holding a Pirates weekend on 21st & 22nd May.

The star of the Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean II, HMS Bounty is on her way from America to begin her European Tour.

Climb onboard and explore, HMS Bounty will be open from 10am until 4pm on the Saturday and Sunday.

To celebrate her arrival, there will be a fun packed Pirate themed weekend of family fun. Providing a host of swashbuckling events, including a children’s treasure hunt around the historic harbour, a competition for the best dressed pirate and story telling for little ones.

A fancy dress competition will take place each day at 3pm, the one judged the best will win a prize!

There will also be smugglers ‘splicing’ demonstrations and cutlass fighting as well as re-enactment displays and talks.

On Sunday 22nd a lookalike of the legendary Captain Jack Sparrow promises to be sauntering through the crowds on the quayside.

The National Marine Aquarium are offering free entry to children dressed as pirates with a full paying adult.

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