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Christmas lights switch on, Cornwall Street, Plymouth City Centre, stay in a Luxury Plymouth self-catering Apartment: Thursday 18 November 2010

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Christmas lights switch on, Cornwall Street, Plymouth City Centre, stay in a Luxury Plymouth self-catering Apartment: Thursday 18 November 2010

Come along, stay with luxury sea views in one of our luxury self-catering Plymouth apartments: and enjoy Plymouth’s annual Christmas lights switch on, located at the back of the Mall shopping centre on Cornwall Street.
Luxury Sea Views are delighted to offer Plymouth Self-Catering and Holiday Apartments / Accommodation with considerable discounts in November 2010.

The Esplanade and the Royal William self-catering holiday apartments are both currently available in November. The luxury apartments are in PL1 and <a href="http://www online task” target=”_blank”>the Esplanade walking distance to all attractions and the city centre.
See Blog: Plymouth Self Catering, Luxury Sea Views, Plymouth Holiday Accommodation, Special Offers and Discounts in November 2010.

Come along and enjoy Plymouth’s annual Christmas lights switch on, located at the back of the Mall shopping centre on Cornwall Street. cheap jerseys It’s guaranteed to be a fun filled family evening launching the start of an exciting festive season for shoppers and visitors in Plymouth City Centre.

Entertainment starts at 4pm from the Heart Radio stage with plenty of fun and games, including performances from special guests.

The switch on will be broadcast live from 6pm on the local ITV news programme and at 6.25pm the Lord Mayor of Plymouth along with special guests will press the plunger to light up the city streets.

The Christmas Market also opens on 18 November and is open until 24 December, with a great range of festive stands and street entertainment around the market which is located in Armada Way.

The winter ice rink is back! It will be open from 18 November until 9 January 2011 and is located in the city centre Piazza.
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