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BBC ONE’s Antiques Roadshow – Latest News for Luxury Sea Views Guests. Filming at Royal William Yard, Plymouth. Thursday 11th June 2015.

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BBC ONE’s Antiques Roadshow: Latest News for Luxury Sea Views Guests staying at the Royal William Yard apartments . Filming at Royal William Yard, Plymouth.  Thursday 11th June 2015.

The Antiques Roadshow is coming to the Royal William Yard on 11th June to film.

We have been notified of the final arrangement of the Antiques Roadshow at the Royal William Yard.

It is advised by Luxury Sea Views that if you are using a vehicle in the Royal William Yard that you use your vehicle to a minimum on Thursday 11th June. If you are leaving the yard early in the morning and arriving back late in the evening you should be okay with parking. Other than that expect vehicle and traffic levels to be high and little or no parking spaces.

A brief outline of the event is:

Tuesday 9th – PM BBC Artic lorry arrives.
Wednesday 10th – Melville Car and parking out the front of Melville closed, BBC Technical and support staff arrive during the day.
Thursday 11th – Expect all parking spaces to be full by 11am, by 9pm the yard to turn to normal.

See scanned information sheets below:

Antiques Roadshow RWY 2015 001

Latest News for Antiques Roadshow at Royal William Yard, Plymouth. Page 1 of 3.

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Latest News for Antiques Roadshow at Royal William Yard, Plymouth. Page 2 of 3.

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Latest News for Antiques Roadshow at Royal William Yard, Plymouth. Page 3 of 3.


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